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Curriculum Vitae

Alex De Souza M.D.

Alexandre De Souza or simply Alex, a plastic surgeon from Brazil, searched for further education in the United States during the 1980’s and ended up making the USA his new home. Training in America includes a fellowship at the University Alabama, visiting professor at the Medical College of Georgia, and lecturer at several other training courses and seminars.

Doctor De Souza has published many papers and literary chapters too. He has given multiple presentations on aesthetic and plastic surgery. His main interest is cosmetic medicine. More recently, he has dedicated his time to the treatment of skin care and anti aging medicine. Doctor De Souza currently lives in a small town in West Virginia where he divides his time between the Roane General Hospital as its Chief of Staff and the community for the treatment of skin and wound problems.

In the community, he is involved with several professional services. One among others is a daily radio show titled “For Your Health”. After more than 1.000 edition of the radio presentations with Doctor De Souza discussing health, beauty, aging, etc., he became inspired to write this book. The message is very simple: everyone, everywhere, at anytime can look better, feel better and live longer. It is a privilege not only for the rich and the famous to enjoy but also for everyone depending only on you and your daily work. Very fortunately, the 20th century legacy leaves us all the necessary tools.

Never in history have we had so many procedures and treatments for improving our health and appearance, especially in the area of facial youth and beauty. The book Beauty, Lux and Lasers, a 100 year history of facial rejuvenation, is a journey through 100 years of history that teaches us how to feel good, look better, and live longer.

Nowm the dynamic physician tells us how it came about, and what to do about it. Alex de Souza has helped hundreds of people is his daily practice, and now he can help you too. His enthusiasm, dedication, and compassion are positive forces reflected in the attitudes of his many, many delighted patients.

Dr. Alex De Souza is enjoying esteemed professional success.

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